Ever since I started getting my sessions with Donna Freaney my lymphedema has improved by leaps and bounds. I can now go days without my arm compression sleave and have better hand dexterity.

Donna Iverson. Ventura, CA

It seemed to me that after a lymph activation session I had wasted my life. I had never felt good enough. The miraculous effect was of relief and activation. I’m 87 years old and felt 20.

Dee Volz, Ventura, CA

I have felt noticeably better since experiencing your masterful lymphatic massage.  I don’t like to acknowledge that I have “fibromyalgia”.  But I prefer to say that when I am in stressful situations, I tend to have more pain.  I have had significant stiffness due to the huge issues going on in my life right now.

Since you artfully worked to get my lymph system flowing the other day, I have significantly less achy stiffness.  And I slept like a baby for the first time in weeks!

Vicky R., Camarillo, CA.

Donna Freaney is a gifted health practitioner with knowledge of many female health issues.  As a cancer survivor, I know the value of lymphatic therapy and wish I knew about it as prevention.  I recommend this highly to all women as Donna combines massage and lymph work.  A truly relaxing treatment.

Marilyn Miller,  Ojai, CA

Your skills and the work you have done have made an obvious and significant contribution to the recovery of my health. Thanks for all your great healing mojo!

Lianne A. Port Huenme, CA