Lymphatic Workshops

The lymphatic workshops are designed to teach the student a full body manual lymphatic drainage that stands alone as an excellent therapy.

The Lymphstar ® will be introduced as a tool to accelerate lymphatic  therapy.

These workshops are for the Massage Therapist, Colon Therapists, PT’s and Nurses who wish to ad this modality to a going practice or for someone who is considering Lymphatic Therapy as a career and wants to see if it is right for them. The course can also benefit individuals who are caregivers or for self care for those with chronic lymphatic problems.

Classes are taught Friday evening for 4 hours with full days Saturday and Sunday.

For those purchasing a Lymphstar machine a complementary 2 hour class will be included on Monday morning or by appointment. For those who already have a machine are considering purchasing one there there will be an  additional fee. This may be applied to the purchase price.

Lymphatic Wellness Institute

Contact us for more information. 805 639 0447