Personal Profile

Donna Freaney began her career in natural health at Hippocrates Health Institute in Boston Massachusetts where she studied and worked with Dr. Ann Wigmore and Victor Kulvinskas (Survival into the Twenty First Century).

After coming to California she received her certification in massage from the Los Angeles College of Physical Therapy. In 1987 she  graduated from Heartwood College of Natural Healing as a Natural Health Educator. Her studies included  advanced studies in Neo Reichian and deep tissue  massage therapy, nutrition, counseling and transformational dance.

Over the years she has worked in chiropractic offices, in health spas and maintained a private practice in Ventura, California.

Donna received her first certification in Lymphatic Massage in 1994. Her teacher, Mary Sullivan, introduced her at that time to Chi Nei Tsang, internal organ massage which addresses the deep lymphatics. At that time she also purchased and trained a Lymph Tech machine which she used for many years. This was one of the beginning of the use of technology with the manual technique. In the  years since she pursued her studies of Chi Nei Tsang with with Master Montak Chia both in Thailand and in the U.S. as well as Giles Marin of Berkeley. Donna has incorporated the lymphatic and internal organ work  into her long term massage practice for many years. Currently she specializes in Lymphatic Therapy and her manual technique includes standard Vodder Lymphatic Drainage, Chi Nei Tsang, Tragerwork and reflexology.

She has currently been advancing her studies in newer, more advanced methods with the use of the Lymphstar technology which she believes to be the best machine available.  As a Lymphatic Wellness Therapy specialist she now incorporates all of her experience and studies and intuitiveness to offer a sessions unique to the needs of each individual.

Recently, Donna has been  instructor in the Wellness Program at Santa Barbara Business College, a nationally certified school, where, as a teacher, she brings her years of training and love of the work to the classroom.  Donna gives classes privately to educate people on what is your lymphatic and self care as well as workshops for the professional therapist in Lymphatic Wellness Therapy through the Lymphatic Wellness Institute.