About the Lymphatic System

The Lymphatic System is our own gentle stream of life, the healing waters within, the immune system of our bodies.   We may recognize it when our “glands” swell in response to colds or flu. These are actually the lymph nodes fighting off disease, destroying unhealthy bacteria and abnormal cells. There are over 600 nodes throughout the body and can be found in clusters- the main ones are in the armpit, the neck, the groin area and deep within the belly.

The lymph fluid (lymph) moves slowly, often against gravity, and does not have its own pump. It depends on the movement of the circulatory system, muscle contraction, deep breathing and peristalsis. With our sedentary lifestyles and environmental conditions it is no wonder our immune systems are challenged.

Lymphatic Therapy is gentle, non invasive and usually relaxing for the client. At the Center your therapist incorporates manual lymphatic therapy based on the Vodder method with the use of the Lymphstar Pro Fushion. This technology uses light and sound vibration that has been found to break up congestion and allows the lymph to move 4-8 times faster than manual lymphatic drainage alone.

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